Identity as an enabler: How can security teams shift their reputation?

For many, digital transformation has been little more than a buzzword that is thrown around, never really materialising into change at the organisational level. However, this is likely to change as we emerge from the pandemic and businesses take steps to prepare for any future disruption, learning from this year’s remote working successes and failures.

Part of this will involve a renewed focus on operational agility, which will be crucial to business post-pandemic. Becoming an agile business requires cultural transformation in the sense that every department must be onboard to drive change – especially the security team. However, IDC research paints a picture of a fractured enterprise across the UK, with over a third (36%) of management perceiving security as a blocker of innovation, a compliance hurdle or a necessary cost last year. While this figure is lower than previous years the bottom line is that security’s brand reputation has operational implications, with 58% of UK businesses failing to embed security teams into the planning stages of new business initiatives.

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