How to tackle the “blame culture” in cyber security

How to tackle the “blame culture” in cyber security

Are we too quick to point the finger and play the blame game after a breach? How is blame culture is undermining cyber security?

Vicki Gavin, Security, Privacy and Resilience - Advisor / Thought Leader, Thom Langford, Founder, TL(2) and Anna Delaney, Editor, teiss, discuss why the blame game doesn't work and where the focus would be better placed after a cyber catastrophe. 

The article discussed in the video is, "Capital One Data Breach: What Went Wrong for the Financial Giant".

This Security Leaders' Video Roundtable was filmed at #teissR3 in September 2019.

Round table - How to tackle blame culture_Final Cut_PS from Business Reporter Film and Video on Vimeo.

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