Homeworkers wait for protection: 73% of employees have not received remote working cybersecurity guidance

According to a recent Kaspersky report, How COVID-19 changed the way people work, three-in-four (73%) employees working from home have not yet received any specific cybersecurity awareness guidance or training designed to keep themselves secure from risks. While it can be more difficult to control the security of corporate IT and data remotely, threats still remain. For example, one-in-four (27%) employees say they have received phishing emails related to COVID-19. To avoid such risks, it is important for organisations to educate staff about cybersecurity.

While employees take on the massive shift of working from home, it is important for businesses to ensure their staff can work as they usually would. Keeping employees protected becomes a challenging task, as it takes a lot of resources to enable secure access to services staff regularly need to carry out their jobs well. Establishing effective cybersecurity measures is therefore critical, as remote working may also bring new risks such as increased spam and phishing attacks, connecting to compromised WiFi spots, or the use of shadow IT by employees.