What if Hitler had access to my Facebook data?

What if Hitler had access to my Facebook data?

What if Hitler had access to my Facebook data?

This week we are exploring the somewhat complex relationship between social media and democracy and asking the question: what if Hitler had access to my Facebook data?

It’s said that today’s secret services and Big Data companies possess much more data about us than were needed to run totalitarian states in the past.

So, with this in mind, what would happen to our personal data were it to end up in the wrong hands? What would the consequences be for us as individuals and for society were it to be misused?

In fact, China has already started ranking citizens with a 'social credit' system or Citizen Score – to be fully implemented by 2020 - which would penalize or reward citizens for their actions, both on and offline.

This raises alarm bells and begs the question: can democracy, as we know it, survive Big Data and Artificial Intelligence?

With us to explore these issues is Mark Johnson, Founder and CEO of the Risk Management Group.

Presenter: Anna Delaney
Music: The Pain by Nick Homes

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