Hackers and the Internet of Things

Hackers and the Internet of Things

Are Criminals using IOT devices to infiltrate networks?

"Everything you connect to the internet is vulnerable.”

Professor Marco Gercke, the founder of the CyberCrime Research Institute, talks to Jeremy Swinfen Green about IoT hacks and why security cameras are less vulnerable than IT systems.

Marco Gercke will be speaking at the inaugural teissBenelux2020 cyber security summit, taking place online from 27 to 29 October 2020. For free registration and more information, click here.

Video transcript:

Are you finding people using devices that are connected to the internet-- the internet of things, like baby monitors and security cameras-- are criminals using that as a way into people's homes-- home networks?

Well, it's definitely a point. Anything you are connecting to the internet is potentially vulnerable. And there are companies that are investing more and there are companies that are investing less in cyber security. So it is a potential possibility to enter a network.

However, we are seeing this with regard to various devices. So it can be a printer-- usually, it is the computer system, as this is the most vulnerable part. It doesn't have a single use, but you're installing all kinds of software. You're attaching all kinds of hardware to it.

So it makes it much more difficult to secure properly than a device that, for example, only has a video recording function.

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