Despite ransom, hacker group leaked ‘Orange Is The New Black’ series

Despite ransom, hacker group leaked ‘Orange Is The New Black’ series

Hacker group leaked 10 'Orange Is the New Black'episodes despite earning ransom money

A hacker group leaked ten episodes of the popular series ‘Orange Is the New Black’ after Netflix refused to pay along with its ransom demand.

The hacker group released the episodes even after a post-production movie studio paid $50,000 that the group initially demanded.

A hacker group that recently leaked ten episodes of a popular Netflix series has confirmed what many have warned about so far: never do business with hackers.

South Korean firm pays $1m to recover files encrypted by Linux ransomware

Ransomware attacks are on the rise and for good reason. People whose online files are stolen by hackers have little means to recover their files or to catch the hackers. The only possible way to recover files is usually paying the hackers who stole them in the first place.

However, as things turn out, not everyone who pays ransom gets their files back.

A hacker group named Dark Overlord recently stumbled on a Windows 7-based computer owned and operated by Larson Studios, a post-production movie studio in Hollywood. Once they infiltrated the computer, they stole everything they could get their hands on and contacted the studio’s owners.

Scammers using ransomware threat to swindle gullible PC users

On Christmas Eve last year, Rick and Jill Larson had to hear what nobody ever wants to- that their servers had been hacked and they had to pay up to recover their data. The hackers reportedly demanded 50 Bitcoins ($50,000) to release stolen audio and video footage.

Despite hiring private digital security experts and involving the FBI, the Larsons had to ultimately pay the said amount to Dark Overlord, hoping that the data breach would remain confidential. But to their horror, the hacker group refused to return their footage and claimed that the Larsons had breached the agreement by contacting the FBI.

Dark Overlord then went on to contact other movie studios that worked with Larson Studios in order to earn more money by using the hacked footage as leverage. Ultimately, then ran into Netflix who refused to budge, giving the hackers an opportunity to leak ten episodes of “Orange Is the New Black”.

Hackers steal upcoming Pirates Of The Caribbean movie, demand huge ransom

Last week, a South Korean web hosting service provider agreed to pay $1 million to hackers who took control of the former’s servers using a Linux ransomware.The hackers encrypted important files, photos, and databases and demanded 500 Bitcoins as ransom to decrypt the encrypted files.

Last year, research by Citrix found that 20 percent of medium to large UK businesses had no plans on how to deal with potential ransomware attacks. The survey also revealed that 33 percent of firms were building a stockpile of digital currency in case of a ransomware attack, and more than 35 percent of large firms would pay more than £50,000 to regain access to important intellectual property or critical data.


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