Google Home, Amazon Echo or Hive: How safe is your data?

Google Home, the always-listening voice-activated speaker was launched in the UK last week. On sale from tomorrow, 6 April, the diminutive home butler is powered by Google Assistant and is able to answer questions on a wide range of subjects, play music at command and also control your smart home products. It can also hail a taxi for you.

However, it's inception and launch has not been without controversy. When Google Home was first announced, security experts were concerned about it being connected to one email address, making it easy for visitors and intruders to activate and access sensitive data. Infact, it wasn't just Google who were asked difficult questions about it. Amazon's Echo works on the same principle and has raised questions on the safety of homes with a gateway with effectively no security on it. In fact, late last year, Philips Hue connected lightbulbs were remotely controlled via drones using easily available kit.