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Glossary / Glossary: W

Glossary: W

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Watering hole attack An attack aimed at a particular group of individuals. For instance the attacker might identify a website that members of a group commonly use and then infect it in the hope of subsequently infecting a member of that group
Weaponisation The process of activating malicious software so that it starts to work its evil. Also the conversion of criminal malware into a weapon of war
Web domain See Domain
Whaling Spear phishing (qv) applied to an individual, generally someone of importance such as a Chief Executive or their PA
White list A limited set of entities such as programs, computers or websites that are allowed to have access to a system
Wisdom Wisdom is knowledge (qv) combined with experience. If my son understands that he needs to work harder in his computer science class next week if he wants to avoid being held back after school again, then he is showing wisdom. See also Data, Information, Knowledge
Worm A malicious program that can use computer networks to spread itself without the need for any action by the computer user

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