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Glossary: T

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TEISS The European Information Security Summit, the leading cyber security conference
Terabyte 1,000,000,000,000 (10004) bytes
Teslacrypt A type of ransom-ware trojan
Threat The potential source of an adverse event
Threat actor An entity (human, natural or artificial) that is responsible for an incident that impacts or has the potential to impact an organisa­tion’s security
TLS See Transport layer security
Token A physical electronic device such as a smartcard, keyfob, dongle or USB stick used to authenticate a user, generally as part of multifactor authentication (qv)
Transport layer security An encryption protocol used on the internet; the successor to Secure socket layer (qv)
Trojan or Trojan horse A computer program that appears to be innocuous, but that has a malicious function. Trojans often create a “back door” (qv) into computer systems. See also Malware and Keylogging
Trolling Malicious and threatening, and sometimes criminal, messages on the internet directed at individuals who have somehow angered the troll
Two factor authentication An extra layer of security where the user, as well as providing a password (alongside their user name), also has to provide an extra piece of information such as a code sent to a mobile phone. Also known as 2FA
Two step verification See Two factor authentication, above

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