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Glossary: M

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Macro virus A virus in a document that uses macro programming in the document software to activate its malicious intent or to replicate itself
Malicious code Software in a computer system designed to create effects that are not desired by the owner or operator of that computer system
Malvertising Advertising that contains malware (qv) or that direct users to a site that will upload malware to their computer
Malware Software that damages a system or a device by performing an unauthorized process such as shutting it down or stealing information such as log in details. See also Malicious code
Malware-as-a-service Malware that is packaged in an easy to use format and that can be rented on the Dark Web (qv) by anyone with a little money in their pocket
Man in the middle Someone who intercepts communications between one system and another; in cyber security this could be a criminal who sets up a fake wi-fi system in order to steal the log in details of people who use it
MDM See Mobile device management
Megabyte 1,000,000 (10002) bytes
Mitigation The process of controlling a risk through taking actions that can include the strengthening of the ability of hardware, software and/ or people to resist the risk
Mobile device management (MDM) The use of software to increase the security of information on, and access to information by, mobile devices such as smartphones
Monitoring software Software products that allow parents or employers to monitor or track the web-sites or email messages that a child or employee visits or reads. See also Black-listing Software and Whitelisting Software.
Multifactor authentication An extra layer of security where the user, as well as providing a password (alongside their user name), also has to provide an extra piece of information such as a code sent to a mobile phone; often called 2FA

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