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Glossary: E

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Eavesdropping See Sniffing
e-disclosure The requirement that an organisation identifies, secures and pro­duces digital data that can be used to support litigation in the event of a cyber security incident
e-discovery See e-disclosure
Electronic infections Malicious programs or malware that harm digital devices or damage information security; worms, Trojans, and viruses are examples of malware
E-mail spoofing The forgery of an e-mail address so that the email seems to have come from someone other than the actual sender
Encryption The conversion of information or data into an unreadable, or at least hard to read, form to protect it from unauthorized inspection or alteration
End to end encryption Encryption of information as it passes through a network, prevent­ing intermediaries such as ISPs (qv) from accessing it
End User License Agreement See EULA
EULA End User License Agreement. A contract between someone and a software company. The terms and conditions for using software (such as mobile phone app or a website). Terms unfavourable to the user are sometimes hidden in them, for instance a user may well find that they have agreed to share their usage data with unspecified third parties
Event Something that happens on a computer system that is observable and capable of being recorded; events caused by people are called Incidents (qv)
Evil twin A malicious wireless Internet hot spot that looks like a legitimate service, used by hackers to spy on users or steal information such as credit card details. See also Man-in-the-Middle
Exabyte 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (10006) bytes
Exfiltration A clumsy term denoting the unauthorised transfer of data or information from an IT system
Exploit A tool (such as a piece of software) or process designed to take advantage of a weakness in an information security system for unauthorised purposes; several can be packaged together in the form of an “exploit kit”

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