Four key cyber security lessons from COVID: Adjusting to the new normal

The last few months have brought drastic and long-lasting changes to the business world. Indeed, for a great many people it’s fair to say the workplace may never be the same again. From a cyber security perspective, the landscape has undergone a rapid shift as both attackers and defenders adjust to the new normal of widespread remote working. 

Analysing data processed by several of our customers’ Security Operations Centres (SOCs) amounting to an average of 10,000 security alerts per day, we have noted several key trends in how threat actors have continued to change their attack tactics. While many organisations had the resources and processes at hand to adapt to these new attacks, other companies must work quickly to automate and strengthen their defences to keep pace. In this piece, we will explore four key lessons from our research and how organisations can adapt to respond to future crisis events to protect their data, systems and networks.  

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