Five key trends affecting Security Operations Centres in 2019

Five key trends affecting Security Operations Centres in 2019

Steve Moore, Chief Security Strategist at Exabeam, takes a look at some of the key trends revealed in Exabeam’s 2019 State of the SOC Report and discusses the implications they could have on future operations.
Security Operations Centres (SOCs) have played a key role in enterprise security operations for many years, but with the landscape evolving at a faster rate than ever before, some are now struggling to keep up.
An effective SOC relies on a combination of technology, resourcing, strong leadership, the right level of investment, and support from senior management to be successful. Take any one of these away and performance can quickly begin to fall away.
Exabeam conducts an annual, detailed ‘State of the SOC’ survey amongst security professionals with management responsibilities in both the UK and US, in order to understand what the latest challenges and trends are for SOCs and how they hope to address them.
In this article, we will look at some of this year’s main findings and examine how they are affecting the ability of SOCs in both countries to perform to the best of their ability.
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