FC Barcelona’s Twitter and Facebook accounts breached by hackers

FC Barcelona’s Twitter and Facebook accounts breached by hackers

FC Barcelona's Twitter and Facebook accounts breached by hackers

The Twitter and Facebook accounts of FC Barcelona were hacked into by a well-known hacker group on Tuesday, sending Twitter into a meltdown.

Hacker group OurMine claimed responsibility for the hack and sent out a tweet confirming the signing of Angel Di Maria from Paris Saint Germain.

FC Barcelona fans from across the world were greeted by an unexpected surprise on Tuesday when the club announced the signing of Paris Saint Germain winger Angel Di Maria on Twitter and Facebook. However, the posts were soon deleted and the club later announced that its social media accounts were hacked.

Hacker group OurMine, which was recently in the news for hacking into HBO's social media accounts, claimed responsibility for the hack and urged the club to get in touch with them. They also apologised for announcing the signing of Di Maria.

Calling itself a 'security group', OurMine regularly hacks into social media accounts of large organisations to 'expose' the security flaws that exist in such accounts. Last week, the group took control of HBO's Twitter and Facebook accounts and also gained access to the official Game of Thrones Twitter and Facebook accounts.

"Our accounts have been hacked. "We're working to solve the problem as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience," said FC Barcelona on Twitter. OurMine had previously urged followers of FC Barcelona's official Twitter account to get #FCBHack trending on Twitter.

FC Barcelona's official Twitter account was previously hacked into in 2014 by a hacker group calling themselves the 'Syrian Electronic Army'. The group swore allegiance to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and in a series of tweets posted from the club's official Twitter account, criticised the club for maintaining links with Qatar. At that time, FC Barcelona was sponsored by Qatar Airways.

"Dear FC Barcelona management, don't let the Qatari money funds you, it's full of blood and kill," read one of the tweets posted by the group. To add to FC Barcelona's woes, the group also left a "Special hi to Real Madrid" tweet on their way out.

Following the latest hack, a number of FC Barcelona fans on Twitter have blamed Brazilian Striker Neymar for it. The club has sued Neymar for breach of contract and is asking for 8.5 million euros which they paid to Neymar as loyalty bonus when he signed a new deal with the club last year. Neymar Jr was sold to Paris Saint Germain last month in a whopping 222-million-euro deal.

"This has Neymar name written all over it," tweeted an FC Barcelona fan.

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