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Secure financial services in a 5G world: A vision for Benelux 2020-2021

12 December, 8:00 am - 10:30 am

Breakfast Meeting – Thursday 12th December, 08:00am to 10:30am

Information technology continues to evolve rapidly. The next two years will bring a rapid increase in the rollout of 5G alongside substantial growth in the use of software-defined networks and edge computing. These changes in technology will bring many opportunities.

The financial services industry in Benelux will need to adapt its existing IT strategies to make the most of these opportunities. Together, edge computing and 5G should increase bandwidth and decrease latency. The result will be to help enable organisational agility and to help increase end user satisfaction.

In the meantime, as the cyber-threat landscape evolves and criminals use technologies such as AI to penetrate network defences, organisations will need to adapt their security strategy to help address these sophisticated threats.

During this free breakfast we will explore how IT is likely to evolve over the next 24 months and the opportunities this will bring. We will discuss new ways of managing cyber-risks in the financial services sector. In particular we will consider how changes to digital technology will enable:

  • Secure end-to end-control of information and IT systems
  • More secure development of apps and services, and faster rollout to markets
  • Increased ability to challenge cyber-security threats
  • Decreased latency and increased communications speed at lower costs

If you need to understand how changes to the IT landscape will affect financial services in Benelux, then this free seminar will be essential.

The questions we will explore

During the meeting we will focus on questions such as:

  • What changes to the IT landscape are most likely to deliver increased agility and efficiency to the financial services industry?
  • How can organisations balance the advantages that changing digital technology delivers with the risks that new methods of working expose them to?
  • How are cyber-security threats changing, and what are the major trends in this area?
  • What opportunities will 5G likely bring to the financial services industry and how can commercial organisations best capitalise on these opportunities?
  • How does edge computing bring advantages in the form of lower latencies and what does this mean for financial services in the Benelux region?
  • What are the advantages of software-defined networks and how can they be used to lower costs, increase flexibility and at the same time strengthen cyber-defences?

Who is invited?

This breakfast meeting is designed for senior decision makers who are concerned about increasing cyber-security threats. Delegates will work at large organisations in the finance sector located in the Benelux region.

Be one of 12 senior information technology and security professionals around the table at the Intercontinental Amstel Hotel in central Amsterdam.

Registered attendees include:

Head of IT Security WholeSale Banking Tech – ING Bank NV
Manager/director Information Security & IT Risk – 
DLL Group
DevOps Director – 
Ingenico ePayments
Head of Operational Risk Management – NIBC Bank N.V.
Director Private Wealth – 
CISO Business Developer  - ABN AMRO Bank
Information Security Officer - Mizuho Bank Europe N.V.

The breakfast briefing is brought to you by Verizon and is for senior executives as mentioned above. Registrations of junior professionals, consultants, solution providers or other sellers to this market won’t be accepted. To be eligible you must be employed by a corporate legal entity such as a private company – if you are a sole trader or in a partnership other than a legally incorporated partnership we will be unable to offer you a place.

For any enquiries, please contact Lace on +44 (0) 208 349 6458 or email l.bryant@business-reporter.co.uk

This breakfast briefing is free of charge to attend. However, if you cancel your attendance less than two weeks prior to the briefing, you will have to provide a replacement of equal seniority otherwise you will be a subject of €150 cancellation fee.

When you register we will ask you for your corporate email address which we will share only with the event sponsor(s). Please see our privacy policy.

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