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Managing leaks before they become breaches

25 June, 8:00 am - 10:00 am

Breakfast meeting – TBC, 08.00am to 10.30am

Managing leaks before they become breaches: dealing with data that escapes from the safety of your corporate network

COVID-19: Information for delegates

We are actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation in London, at this moment we believe that the event is safe to run. We are reviewing this regularly, taking into account the advice of the World Health Organisation and Government, and will keep you up to date with preparations and any eventual impact on the event.

The health and safety of all our delegates, sponsors, speakers and staff is our number one priority and all decisions that we take will be with this in mind.

Much of your organisation’s data will be sensitive, business-critical or highly confidential. And when that data is behind firewalls in your corporate network it’s relatively safe. Unfortunately, it’s almost certain that some of it will also be found beyond the safety of your organisation’s IT perimeter.

Sharing data with third parties, including suppliers, developers and consultants, is an essential part of doing business, and once that data is outside your perimeter – in the wild – your ability to control it vanishes. Whether leaked via a misconfigured server, cloud storage that hasn’t been sufficiently secured, or an employee seeking to perform their work more effectively by introducing shadow IT into their roster of work tools, exposure of critical data outside your corporate network is inevitable.

You might think that there is nothing you can do to keep your critical data safe.

But is that really the case? Or are there actions you can take to prevent data leaks becoming damaging data breaches?

The questions we will explore

This free breakfast will explore whether and how organisations can mitigate the risks that come from data leaking from outside the corporate perimeter. During it we will consider:

  • How data that has left the organisation’s perimeter can be uncovered, including how it leaked and the extent to which it is putting your organisation at risk
  • How the risks that leaked data pose can be assessed, based on its nature and where it has been found
  • How sensitive data can be differentiated from publicly available information
  • Why it is everyone’s problem when data leaks, not just the IT department, and how everyone in an organisation can play a part in mitigating the risk of leaked data
  • If leaks are indeed inevitable, how you can decrease the time to discovery, and what are the actions you can take quickly, in order to mitigate the problem and stop malicious third parties from exploiting it

Join the discussion: how can organisations stop data leaks escalating into damaging data breaches?

Who is invited?

This breakfast meeting is designed for senior decision makers such as CIOs and CISOs who are responsible for maintaining information and operational technology and cyber-security. Delegates will work at large organisations in the private sector.

Be one of 12 senior IT and security professionals around the table at the Goring Hotel in central London.

For any enquiries, please contact Harry on 020 8349 5580 or email h.phillips@business-reporter.co.uk.

The breakfast briefing is brought to you by CybelAngel and is only for senior executives as mentioned above. Registrations of junior professionals, consultants. To be eligible you must be employed by a corporate legal entity such as a private company: if you are a sole trader or in a partnership other than a legally incorporated partnership we will be unable to offer you a place.

This breakfast briefing is free of charge to attend. However, if you cancel your attendance less than two weeks prior to the briefing, you will have to provide a replacement of equal seniority otherwise you will be a subject of £150 cancellation fee. When you register we will ask you for your corporate email address which we will share only with the event sponsor(s). See our privacy policy.



The Goring Hotel
Beeston Place
London, London SW1W 0JW United Kingdom


0208 349 5580