The Defence Works

The Defence Works
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The Defence Works
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The Defence Works are on a mission to eliminate cyber-crime once and for all. They work with business of all shapes and sizes to empower their people and help protect what’s really important, at the office and at home.

How? In an easy and interactive way. Bringing together hard-hitting insights, efficient practices, and simple hacks to keep information and individuals safe.

Their bite-sized training covers everything from office security awareness to your own social media account, complete with comprehensive policy management system, and cutting-edge phishing simulation.

Jargon just isn’t a thing with them either. Using everyday language and keeping explanations clear is what makes their material so memorable and effective. But they're still the experts, too. Independently accredited by GCHQ. National Cyber Security Programme-certified.

Their online hub and interactive security awareness training is the most effective out there — protecting clients across the globe.

It’s finally time to create a culture that understands their responsibility, whatever their level — so let them get you up-and-running, and start making your employees your strongest defence.