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By using all of the thousands of data points available such as typing or swiping techniques, location, online habits, face recognition, devices, and yes even passwords, Callsign can determine someone is who they say they are; they even know the Monday person can behave differently to the Friday person.

Most of these data points are friction-free for the user, and so they use these to determine that someone's behaviour is within their normal pattern. Where there is a veering from the norm Callsign then intelligently introduce further tests, avoiding a rules-based approach that can be replicated by the bad guys.

Callsign have the lowest false positive rates in the industry and zero breaches thanks to their inbuilt malware detector.

As a result, users can get on with their digital lives whilst businesses improve customer engagement, increase productivity and reduce the risk of fraud.

Callsign enables customers and employees to #GetOn with their digital lives with friction-free identification and authentication.