Democracy threatened as voting systems come under attack

A better understanding of cyber security is needed in election supply chains if democracy is to be protected.
With Boris Johnson newly installed at No. 10 Downing Street, the thoughts of many people are inevitably turning to whether there will be a General Election in the UK within the next few months.
Future major elections, such as the upcoming 2020 US primaries, are increasingly likely to attract the attention of cyber attackers with a good chance of attacks being successful.
Huntsman Security has warned that, as more and more nations adopt electronic voting machines and online voting, the potential for subversion of the electoral process will increase.
And it’s not just voting machines where the problem lies. The IT systems used for voter registration and election organisation and counting are also open to abuse.
This is not only true at the point of voting but at every point of the supply chain. Every single supplier contributing to an election – from technology providers to local officials – has to be able resist attack and to guarantee that it has not been compromised.

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