Website security certificates vulnerable to hackers

Talking about the gravity of the situation, Dr Jamie Graves, CEO at ZoneFox said: “The Debenhams hack is a key reminder to businesses that the third-party vendors you partner should be properly vetted to ensure they have secure systems in place.The hackers allegedly gained access to site operator Economova’ systems using malicious software to access customers’ personal and financial information. This highlights the ever-increasing importance of having 360-degree visibility over all your data flow. Whether the data sits in your business or your partners, this 20/20 vision around your data allows businesses to monitor for risky activities and behaviour that might be putting your data at risk. Such an approach goes a long way to ensuring that a breach – whether third-party or not – is identified and dealt with as quickly as possible.”

The Debenhams Flowers website is offline while the breach is investigated.

Young British hacker jailed for 2 years for orchestrating 1.7m cyber-attacks