Cyber security workers’ salaries could rise by 7% in 2018: Report

Cyber security workers’ salaries could rise by 7% in 2018: Report

Cyber security workers earning more in Germany & France than in the UK

Average salaries of cyber security workers in the UK could rise by 7 percent this year, much higher than those of developers and infrastructure staff, a survey has revealed.

Large-scale data breaches and a huge rise in the number of ransomware attacks are forcing companies to hire fresh cyber security workers and to incentivise existing staff.

A recent report by recruitment consultancy Robert Walters has revealed that salaries of cyber security workers, developers and other IT staff would rise this year, even as recruiters are looking to hire professionals with added talents like good communication and project management skills.

Robert Walters revealed that while salaries of developers and infrastructure staff could rise by 3 percent this year, salaries of cyber security workers will rise by 7 percent, thereby pointing at a much higher demand for cyber security workers compared to other IT staff.

'Salaries for IT professionals are highly inflated, with employers having to compete to secure top talent. In this context, the increases for cybersecurity specialists are particularly noteworthy. In addition to technical skills, employers are keen to secure professionals who can demonstrate communication and project management skills as they look to more closely integrate their IT function into the wider business,' said Ahsan Iqbal, associate director at Robert Walters.

He added that aside from higher salaries, IT professionals are also looking for other incentives like working with employers who are open to remote working and flexible hours as well as working culture of the organisation they are joining.

The report's findings aren't much different to the findings of recruitment group Hays who revealed that average salaries of cyber security engineers rose by 8.4% and those of cyber security analysts rose by 10.5% last year, signalling the highest-ever pay jump in the history of cyber security. At the same time, non-security IT staff also enjoyed the fruits of the boom, with their average salaries rising by 2.3% over the previous year.

Back in October, a survey of IT security professionals by Tripwire had revealed the true preferences of firms seeking to hire fresh cyber security workers. A majority of firms revealed that aside from raw cyber security skills, they were also looking for employees with other 'soft' skills like analytical thinking, good communication, and troubleshooting.

With almost every modern business running operations digitally and also embracing cloud solutions, it is clear that the cyber security industry will continue to boom in the coming years unless new technologies start replacing manpower as effective cyber security weapons. However, it remains to be seen if the rising wages of cyber security workers will attract more youngsters to the field in the coming years.

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