Cyber security trends over the next 2 years

How will the Cybersecurity landscape evolve over the next 2-3 years?

“The attacks will be more professional, even more than they are now.”

Professor Marco Gercke, the founder of the CyberCrime Research Institute, talks to Jeremy Swinfen Green about the way the cyber-attack landscape is evolving.

Marco Gercke will be speaking at the inaugural teissBenelux2020 cyber security summit, taking place online from 27 to 29 October 2020. For free registration and more information, click here.

Video transcript:

Hello, I’m Jeremy Swinfen Green, editor-in-chief of TEISS, and today, I’m with Marco, who’s the founder and director of the Cybercrime Research Institute. Hi, Marco.

Hi, Jeremy. How are you doing?

Pretty good, thank you. Well, my first question to you is about trends, and how do you think the cybersecurity landscape will evolve over the next two or three years? What are the major trends that you’re seeing?

That’s a very difficult question, because it’s already difficult to say what’s going to happen in six months, let alone to say what’s happening in two or three years. I guess what’s pretty safe to say is that the attacks are going to be more professional, even more than they are right now, and I guess we also will see that the quantity of attack is increasing.

There are some interesting trends. For example, COVID is a challenge to most of the people, and it has also had an impact on the cybersecurity landscape. We see more attacks targeted against people working from home. So there are quite a few developments taking place right now.

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