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Using the teiss Cyber Brief you can quickly and simply send out regular security updates that will help you keep your colleagues and your organisation cyber-safe.

Whether you want to incorporate this into your own newsletter, or use as a standalone training resource, our fortnightly cyber feed helps people in your organisation be protected from cyber criminals, hackers and con artists. 

And for as little as £299 a year, it’s great value.


Exceptional value for as little as
£ 299 / Year (+VAT)
  • Or £30 Per Month (+VAT)
  • No Commitment
  • Cancel Anytime


teiss Cyber Brief is a fortnightly security content service providing information and advice for you to share with your company.  Using teiss Cyber Brief you will be able to help your company recognise scams, avoid dangerous situations, and respond in the right way if they feel threatened.

Businesses that invest in information security training and awareness see a 70% reduction in risk of breach (Wombat Security, 2015).

Who is this aimed at?

teiss Cyber Brief is aimed at busy CISOs and heads of security that don’t always have the time or resources to communicate regularly with their company on threats and how to deal with them.

teiss Cyber Brief takes the strain out of having to write quality and informative content, and delivers it to your inbox ready to be cut and pasted into an email, onto an intranet, or even edited and included in your existing communications.

Let teiss take the strain of content creation while you get on with what you know best: securing your company.

Our Editor: Thom Langford

Thom is the founder of (TL)2 Security, a strategic Information security consultancy that focuses on Virtual CISO, strategic business alignment and public speaking/advocacy for hire.

As Chief Information Security Officer of Publicis Groupe, Thom was responsible for all aspects of information security risk and compliance as well as managing the Group’s information security programme. Additionally, he was responsible for business continuity capabilities across Publicis’s global operations.

Having successfully built security and IT programmes from the ground up, Thom brings an often opinionated and forward-thinking view of security risk, both in assessments and management, but is able to do so with pragmatism and humour (mostly).

An international public speaker and award winning security blogger, Thom contributes to a number of industry blogs and publications, and has partnered with teiss in our conferences, podcasts and website for many years. Thom is also the sole founder of Host Unknown, a loose collective of three infosec luminaries who have combined to make security education and infotainment films. Need to find him?

Following security awareness training

The cost to remediate a major security event falls from $28.11 pa/user to just $2.81

Regular updates

Subscribe to our service and every two weeks you will get content with the latest information you need for your internal cyber security awareness campaigns.

Typically this will include:

  • A description of the latest scams and how to avoid them
  • Salutary tales: breaches in the news and what went wrong
  • Regular tips on how to avoid trouble and keep safe

Everything is delivered having been written, reviewed, copy checked and formatted by industry professionals.

Written by us, tailored by you

You will get a plain text piece of content every two weeks that it is easy for you to format into your own communication templates.

It will be up to you to decide what information to use and what else to add into your internal security communications.

But the information we send you is designed to be complete and sufficient for you to guide your colleagues so that they know how to behave in a cyber secure manner.

You will also have access to an online forum where you can request content topics, suggest improvements and discuss your awareness activities with other members of the teiss InfoSec feed.


Most frequent questions and answers

CISOs, heads of security, and other busy professionals who don’t have the time or resources to create compelling content for their company.

Every week, teiss will provide you with copy for an email newsletter, written by our experts, which you can personalise with your own branding and reference systems within your own organisation. The content is entirely yours to use as you see fit.

Our images use the Unsplash image library meaning they are free to use. You may wish to substitute the images with your own. 

You can cancel at the end of your billing period, either monthly or yearly, and whatever content you have received up to your cancellation date is yours to keep.

Absolutely, you can either use this as a standalone email, or incorporate it into your existing newsletters.

Information security awareness training is a vital tool in the fight against cyber breaches. Most awareness training tools have a 37-fold return on investment.

Yes. A monthly package costs only £30 +VAT and can be renewed on a month to month basis. An annual package costs the equivalent of 10 months membership, giving you two months free.

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