Transforming Security Awareness in Our New World, An Opportunity for You?

Longing for a better approach for information security awareness training?

Look no further.  In this brief, you will learn about how hundreds of global organizations are embracing transformation of their security awareness training from being once-a-year based, to all-year-round, process-based.

The process is based on a series of 3-minute lessons spread all around the year to build and maintain focus on information security all-year round. In evaluations, 90 % of surveyed users will say they think more about information security in their everyday work. What effect can you measure 3, 6 or 9 months down the road for a once-a-year course?

Junglemap NanoLearning is both a method and portfolio for security innovators that truly want to build a culture of security awareness and alertness that will offer a seismic shift in towards positive attitudes of your employees rather than chasing users to complete annual course.

If this sounds interesting, read on – we promise meaningful positive impact in weeks!

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