How to improve cloud security, privacy, and compliance

Fouad Khalil, VP of Compliance at SecurityScorecard, who assesses the continuous oversight in the cloud and how to improve cloud security, privacy, and compliance. 
When contemplating the word “cloud”, it is hard not to associate it with something that is ethereal, delicate and can be affected by the smallest gust of wind. Yet when considering the “cloud” in relation to IT, it needs to be the opposite – strong, robust, certain and controlled – particularly when it comes to security, privacy and compliance.
The problem is that for many enterprises this is not the case, but it needs to be. Modern enterprises now use the cloud for a significant portion of their IT infrastructure. Data storage, SaaS, BYOD, big data analytics and so on can all be provided through the cloud, often more efficiently and cost effectively than on/off-premise solutions.
With so much of a corporate network and data assets potentially based in the cloud, IT teams need to take cloud security more seriously. According to the Checkpoint 2019 Security Report as much as 65 percent of IT professionals do not think cyberattacks in the cloud will have as much impact as reality shows.
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