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A guide to phishing emails and how they work

Author: Keil Hubert

The most efficient phishing attacks are precisely crafted messages that use our known psychological attributes against us, stimulating us to act against our own training and better judgment. Security Awareness writer Keil Hubert describes a mysterious email message that could... Read more

Lisa Forte talks about phishing at TEISS 2019

How to deal with spear phishing effectively

Author: Anna Delaney

Lisa Forte, Partner, Red Goat Cyber Security, shares riveting real life cases of social engineering, and explains why spear phishing is currently the greatest threat.

Five uncomfortable truths about phishing defence

Author: webeditor

It’s time to challenge conventional thinking about phishing defence and recognise that traditional approaches are not enabling us to better defend against the real threats. The threat posed by phishing is not new. For many years, the media and research... Read more

Changing the game in MSS: an advanced cyber-command centre

Author: webeditor

The notorious threat-actor Carbanak was on the offensive. It had sent a phishing email to a company’s reservation centre and tricked a reservation agent into executing the enclosed malware. The attacker was now moving laterally throughout the victim’s network, setting... Read more

Top phishing scams to avoid in 2019

Author: webeditor

Corin Imai, Senior Security Advisor at DomainTools, discusses the phishing scams which will populate the threat landscape in 2019 and how to protect your organisation from them. As we move further into 2019, the uncertainty of recent years shows no signs... Read more

Gone phishing… how to spot the scam

Gone phishing… how to spot the scam

Author: webeditor

Jake Moore, Cybersecurity Expert at ESET UK advises us on how to stay ahead of the scammers in the age of cyber deception.  It’s week three of European Cyber Security week, and this week is focused on how to identify... Read more

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