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Gone phishing… how to spot the scam

Gone phishing… how to spot the scam

Author: webeditor

Jake Moore, Cybersecurity Expert at ESET UK advises us on how to stay ahead of the scammers in the age of cyber deception.  It’s week three of European Cyber Security week, and this week is focused on how to identify... Read more

Fighting Against Phishing

Author: Anna Delaney

Royal Bank of Scotland’s Security Awareness Lead, Lesley Marjoribanks, tackled the fishy topic of phishing at TEISS2018. We’ve summarised Lesley’s top phishing tactics we should watch out for and her useful advice in protecting ourselves against them. Phishing; a longer... Read more

Are you over-sharing?

Author: Jeremy Swinfen Green

Teiss Head of Consulting Jeremy Swinfen Green shares his thoughts on the ethics of lying online in this week’s blog post. It’s the Silicon Rule: If the product is free then you are the product! Collecting your personal data online... Read more

Social engineering and Phishing scams are the most potent cyber-crimes.

Fighting off the phishermen

Author: Jeremy Swinfen Green

Phishing is a real problem for cyber security professionals and one that isn’t going to go away any time soon. Jeremy Swinfen Green, Head of training and consulting for Teiss, offers some thoughts in this blog post. Email is now... Read more

motivations for cyber breaches caused by employees vary

The insider threat

Author: Jeremy Swinfen Green

Do you need a patch for stupidity? Research into the cause of cyber security breaches almost invariably shows that insiders – employees – are to some degree responsible for the vast majority of them. “What can we do?” ask the... Read more