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Lisa Forte talks about phishing at TEISS 2019

How to deal with spear phishing effectively

Author: Anna Delaney

Lisa Forte, Partner, Red Goat Cyber Security, shares riveting real life cases of social engineering, and explains why spear phishing is currently the greatest threat.

Raef Meeuwisse talking about human minds and cyber security

Is the new geography of warfare in the human mind?

Author: Anna Delaney

Raef Meeuwisse, author of "Cybersecurity for Beginners" and Expert Speaker, ISACA, joined us at TEISS2019 to share why the human element of an organisation is the most valuable asset.

Ali Neil of Verizon talks about Ransomware

How can we talk positively about security?

Author: Anna Delaney

Filmed at TEISS2019, Alistair Neil, Director of International Security Solutions at Verizon Enterprise Solutions, discusses why ransomware is currently the biggest threat, and how we can solve this pervading issue.

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