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Five uncomfortable truths about phishing defence

Author: webeditor

It’s time to challenge conventional thinking about phishing defence and recognise that traditional approaches are not enabling us to better defend against the real threats. The threat posed by phishing is not new. For many years, the media and research... Read more

Senseon: going beyond the anomaly

Author: webeditor

Cyber-security is a complex and ever-changing problem. Companies face a huge challenge in protecting their networks and data from both insider threats and external threat actors. We must adapt our approach in order to keep up with the pace of... Read more

Changing the game in MSS: an advanced cyber-command centre

Author: webeditor

The notorious threat-actor Carbanak was on the offensive. It had sent a phishing email to a company’s reservation centre and tricked a reservation agent into executing the enclosed malware. The attacker was now moving laterally throughout the victim’s network, setting... Read more

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