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5 top US cities targeted by ransomware

Author: Matt Smith

Ransomware is a menace to businesses and consumers alike, but whereabouts are users most being targeted by the threat? New research from Malwarebytes has shown exactly where the ransomware is most frequently detected, with Las Vegas, Nevada topping the list.... Read more

Proposed bill in U.S. Congress to ban sales of unsecured IoT gadgets

5 ways to stay secure when using the Internet of Things

Author: webeditor

It seems every week there’s a new story about an Internet of Things (IoT) device being hacked, sending spam or generally not providing the level of security you’d expect from a commercial product. To help consumers stay safe when using... Read more

5 things NOT to do if you’re a hacker

Author: Matt Smith

Okay, so you’ve decided to become a hacker. You’re sat in front of a Hollywood-style screen of fast-moving green text. What now? Well actually, perhaps it’s worth considering what not to do next. Real-life hacking isn’t like the movies, and plenty of... Read more

5 most costly types of internet crime

Author: Matt Smith

We often report on new cyber threats and scams appearing on the internet, but how much do they manage to extort from their victims? The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has published its 2015 Internet Crime Report, which breaks... Read more

5 top cities in the UK for business

Author: Joanne Frearson

Sungard Availability Services has taken a look at the best UK cities for companies, analysing and ranking important metrics such as start-up survival rate, average office price and graduate population. Here are the top 5. Cambridge has an impressive 65.2... Read more

5 biggest threats to endpoint security

Author: Matt Smith

Businesses spend millions trying to keep their networks and systems secure, but what are the biggest threats to their security? As part of its 2016 State of the Endpoint report, the Ponemon Institute asked information security professionals what poses the... Read more

Major data breach exposes sensitive details of 200 million US voters.

5 top types of data targeted by cyber criminals

Author: Matt Smith

Firms spend a lot of time and effort trying to prevent hackers from breaching their perimeters, but it can be helpful to know exactly what they would go after if they ever did get past their defences. Luckily, new research by... Read more

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