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IP theft – an old crime with a modern method 

Author: webeditor

How should we think about the theft of intellectual property? Tim Bandos, VP Cybersecurity, Digital Guardian, unravels a few truths about this high value predicament.  Almost every aspect of modern life – both the good and the bad – has... Read more

Is it time for security to go back to basics?

Author: webeditor

Tim Bandos, Vice President of Cyber Security, Digital Guardian discusses how companies should and can go back to basics to ensure critical data is properly secured.  Let’s face it, there are still too many situations that prove data remains woefully... Read more

Don’t be a data hoarder

Author: webeditor

Matt Lock, Director of Sales Engineers at Varonis, explores why organisations are still struggling to lock down access to sensitive files, as well as what they can do to mitigate the risks of unmanaged and oversubscribed data access. Imagine you... Read more

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