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Why cyber security is no longer restricted to the IT department

Author: webeditor

Adrian Crawley, Northern European Director, SailPoint, highlights the importance of data governance, showcasing the pitfalls of what can happen when organisations fail to protect sensitive information. From Google to Quora, Amazon to Toyota, the past year has highlighted that no organisation is... Read more

Red Team: Not all superheroes wear capes

Author: webeditor

Hugo van den Toorn, Manager Offensive Security at Outpost24 , explains what Red Teaming assessments involve and how the benefits of realistic attack scenarios produce detailed insights on the strengths and weaknesses across the organisation’s environments A hacker’s modus operandi is... Read more

Security training: why one approach is not going to work

Author: Keil Hubert

Security training isn’t a one-to-one analogue for technical skills instruction, especially when you’re training non-technical people. Security trainers need to adjust their course designs and teaching method to account for the probability that some students don’t share a common reference... Read more

5 steps to help mitigate privileged account risks

Author: webeditor

Privileged accounts present a high risk to all organisations. Tyler Reese, product manager for One Identity , offers 5 tips to mitigating the risk. Administrators must have enhanced privileges to manage their IT environments, therefore privileged accounts are a necessity in all... Read more

Data backup in the world of ever-changing cyber threats

Author: webeditor

World Backup Day (March 31st) is a day for organisations to take stock and ensure the correct systems and processes are in place in case the worst happens. With the ever-increasing threat of cyber attacks looming over businesses, ensuring that... Read more

Education is the key to the data security lock

Author: webeditor

Felix Rosbach, product manager at comforte AG , outlines three critical steps to help consumers change their mindset towards cyber security. Cyber security is being taken seriously by everyone; from governments, public services and private enterprises all the way down to the average... Read more

digital risk image

Cyber-security is dead: Long live digital security

Author: webeditor

Mark Hughes of DXC Technology argues that cyber-security is an out-dated concept and that organisations need a holistic approach that addresses the wider digital risks that organisations face. Businesses in the UK are facing more cyber threats than ever before,... Read more

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