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The four pillars of crisis management

Author: webeditor

Chris Huggett, Senior Vice President, EMEA & India at Sungard AS says that businesses must take stock of their vulnerabilities and put into place a plan of action to be executed in a crisis. Today’s IT-driven business world has re-defined the... Read more

What can Snoopy teach us about security?

Author: Keil Hubert

Good security depends on people responding properly to a wide range of cyber threats. To train people effectively, you first need some nuanced understanding about how and why people react strangely – or don’t react – to sudden treats. For... Read more

Taking an alternative approach to cyber security in 2019

Author: Keil Hubert

If you’re inclined to adopt a New Year’s Resolution, forget the gym. Commit to learning about an aspect of your user population that’s markedly different from your own. Learn how others are (and aren’t) served by your technologies, services, and... Read more

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