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Raef Meeuwisse talks about the similarities between marketing and cyber crime

Are marketeers employing the same tactics as cybercriminals?

Author: Anna Delaney

With the advent of artificial intelligence and other innovations, cybercriminals now have more tools to leverage their attacks. Raef Meeuwisse, Author of Cybersecurity for Beginners and Expert Speaker, ISACA, explains why people need an increased awareness of the technology they... Read more

Raef Meeuwisse talking about human minds and cyber security

Is the new geography of warfare in the human mind?

Author: Anna Delaney

Raef Meeuwisse, author of "Cybersecurity for Beginners" and Expert Speaker, ISACA, joined us at TEISS2019 to share why the human element of an organisation is the most valuable asset.

Ian Burgess talking about training and cyber security

What can sport teach us about improving cyber security?

Author: Anna Delaney

Implementing teachings from sport, Ian Burgess, Head of Cyber Security, UK Finance, explains why strong cyber skills need to be embedded into our culture and how training is fundamental in achieving this.

Could a TV threaten your staff’s security?

Author: Keil Hubert

Security is the art and science of protecting people. Sometimes, the “personnel security” subdiscipline involves defending people against environmental threats like irritating repetitive noise … from a public television. I’d like to share a personal opinion on workplace happiness: if... Read more

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