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4 Essential Layers of ICS Security

Author: webeditor

Dean Ferrando, Lead Systems Engineer (EMEA) at Tripwire, offers four foundational principles of cyber security which may sound almost too obvious, but are the groundwork on which any other security measure should be built on. Some organizations spend lots of... Read more

What can we learn from the WhatsApp breach?

Author: webeditor

Paul Farrington, EMEA CTO, Veracode, discusses WhatsApp’s handling of its vulnerability disclosure and what this breach says about the way organisations detect and disclose software vulnerabilities. In May, WhatsApp revealed details of a vulnerability in its system that could have... Read more

Cyber security fundamentals for small businesses

Author: webeditor

Beyond investing in antivirus and firewalls, how can SMBs improve their cyber security? Tabby Farrar, Senior Outreach Specialist, outlines some crucial cyber security fundamentals for small businesses. Whatever type of business you run, it is almost inevitable that it will... Read more

Protecting your organisation from insider threats

Author: webeditor

Steve Armstrong, Regional Director UK, Ireland, and South Africa at Bitglass , considers the unique security challenges posed by insider threats, how the transition to the cloud has made it even harder to protect against them, and what tools are available... Read more

A guide to DNS Search Suffix Wi-Fi attacks

Author: webeditor

Wicus Ross, Lead Security Researcher, and Lauren Rudman, Junior Security Researcher, SecureData, shows us how even the most security-savvy employees can fall foul of DNS Suffix Wi-Fi attacks.  Ever get a feeling that despite your VPN, public Wi-Fi networks could... Read more

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