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The step-by-step guide to a robust cyber-security strategy

Author: webeditor

Graham Marcroft, Operations and Compliance Director, Hyve , discusses the 6 steps for any business to achieve a bullet-proof cyber security strategy in the face of growing cyber-threats. With the frequency and sophistication of cyber threats growing year-on-year, and cybercrime damages... Read more

IP theft – an old crime with a modern method 

Author: webeditor

How should we think about the theft of intellectual property? Tim Bandos, VP Cybersecurity, Digital Guardian, unravels a few truths about this high value predicament.  Almost every aspect of modern life – both the good and the bad – has... Read more

What do you do after a data breach?

Author: webeditor

Security experts say data breaches will continue to happen as cyber criminals and state-backed hackers target the protected information held by companies and government agencies. Such attacks leave consumers vulnerable to fraud and identity theft. Here are some steps you... Read more

Is emerging tech outpacing cyber security?

Author: webeditor

Dr Guy Bunker, CTO at Clearswift ,says that businesses need to be made aware of the dangers of adopting emerging tech which offers great value, but may not have the security features required to ensure their safe integration into a network. Business... Read more

How to launch a successful bug bounty program

Author: webeditor

Laurie Mercer, security engineer at HackerOne , reveals what it takes to launch a successful bug bounty program. Nobody wants to pay a juicy GDPR fine. Yet the more information that is available through internet-connected services, the greater the risk of... Read more

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