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hacker using catfishing technique

NATO cyber team uses catfishing to prove a very important point

Author: webeditor

TEISS’s latest intern Andreas Ejersbo discovers how Nato have used a social media technique called catfishing to educate military personnel. Nato has run a secret operation, luring their own troops into revealing sensitive information about their operations including battalion locations,... Read more

Why geopolitics matters to our cyber security

Why geopolitics matter to our cyber security

Author: Anna Delaney

This week we talk with Chris Day, Cyxtera’s Chief Cybersecurity Officer, about the importance of studying geopolitical events in this cyber sensitive world, IoT security and how to build a cyber resilient network. Presenter: Anna Delaney Music: The Pain by... Read more

Is Not Petya's successor ready for attack?

Is Not Petya’s successor ready for attack?

Author: webeditor

ESET researchers reveal a successor to the feared BlackEnergy APT group  – in the footsteps of a feared threat actor, with a new arsenal of tools New research from ESET has uncovered details of a successor to the BlackEnergy APT... Read more

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