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Authentication The touchless office: another argument for going passwordless

Xavier Coemelck at Entrust Datacard describes his vision of a "touchless" future with passwords replaced by trusted digital identities.

Authentication Powerful cryptomining capabilities for sale in ‘off the shelf’ malware

A close collaboration between cybercrime and APT groups is delivering back-doored machines using SSH machine identities.

Authentication 2FA via SMS is no longer an acceptable standard: why and what’s the alternative? 

Jerrod Chong, SVP of Product at Yubico, explains to TEISS why 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) via SMS is no longer an acceptable standard.  We've all been …

Authentication Businesses must make biometrics part of their cyber security DNA

By Rob Norris, Head of Enterprise and Cyber Security at Fujitsu in EMEIA In the increasingly connected world, it’s critically …