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Can defenders trick their attackers?

Author: Anna Delaney

Can defenders trick their attackers? Can organisations use deception successfully to level the playing field and dupe cybercriminals? This week on the Cracking Cyber Security podcast we’ll be discussing the “art of tricking the trickster”. On this episode Carolyn Crandall – who... Read more

How can CISOs be better leaders?

Author: Anna Delaney

On this episode of the Cracking Cyber Security Podcast, Stephen Moore, Chief Security Strategist at Exabeam says that organisations need a new breed of CISO – one who is groomed for the challenging audiences of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT),... Read more

Should we fear Huawei?

Author: Anna Delaney

Why has the US banned the use of Chinese company Huawei’s technology? To what extent is Huawei a security threat? What are the deeper issues at play in this power struggle? These are questions we’ll be exploring on this week’s... Read more

Can cyber security be creative?

Author: Anna Delaney

On this podcast we speak with CEO and co-founder at Tessian, Tim Sadler, about whether – amidst high stress and anxiety – CISOs can afford to be creative and take risks in their decision-making. We ask can the role of... Read more

What’s the big deal about zero trust?

Author: Anna Delaney

Our theme this week is “zero trust” – what is it and how can you implement it in your organisation. On the episode I’m joined by Richard Archdeacon, Duo Security’s Advisory CISO about a ‘Zero Trust’ approach to security (ie... Read more

Is it time for the cyber security industry to grow up?

Author: Anna Delaney

Is it time for the cyber security industry to grow up? That’s the question we’ll be tackling on this episode of the cracking cyber security podcast. Peter Woollacott, CEO and Founder of Huntsman Security, joins us this week to discuss... Read more

Lisa Forte talks about phishing at TEISS 2019

How to deal with spear phishing effectively

Author: Anna Delaney

Lisa Forte, Partner, Red Goat Cyber Security, shares riveting real life cases of social engineering, and explains why spear phishing is currently the greatest threat.

Raef Meeuwisse talking about human minds and cyber security

Is the new geography of warfare in the human mind?

Author: Anna Delaney

Raef Meeuwisse, author of "Cybersecurity for Beginners" and Expert Speaker, ISACA, joined us at TEISS2019 to share why the human element of an organisation is the most valuable asset.

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