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Lisa Forte talks about phishing at TEISS 2019

How to deal with spear phishing effectively

Author: Anna Delaney

Lisa Forte, Partner, Red Goat Cyber Security, shares riveting real life cases of social engineering, and explains why spear phishing is currently the greatest threat.

Raef Meeuwisse talking about human minds and cyber security

Is the new geography of warfare in the human mind?

Author: Anna Delaney

Raef Meeuwisse, author of "Cybersecurity for Beginners" and Expert Speaker, ISACA, joined us at TEISS2019 to share why the human element of an organisation is the most valuable asset.

#Web30: Has the internet been a force for good?

Author: Anna Delaney

March 12 2019 marked the 30 year anniversary of the World Wide Web and it was around this time that I met with former senior British Intelligence Officer and Head of Cyber Security at ITC, Malcolm Taylor. The serendipity of... Read more

Ian Burgess talking about training and cyber security

What can sport teach us about improving cyber security?

Author: Anna Delaney

Implementing teachings from sport, Ian Burgess, Head of Cyber Security, UK Finance, explains why strong cyber skills need to be embedded into our culture and how training is fundamental in achieving this.

cyber security algorithms, ethics

Should algorithms decide our fate?

Author: Anna Delaney

The prolific use of algorithms has aided the decision-making process in many aspects of our lives. Mark Johnson, Founder & CEO, The Risk Management Group, explains the challenges of applying these rules to our justice system.

Are CISOs suffering from an image crisis?

Author: Anna Delaney

Are CISOs suffering from an image crisis? Do they need a rebranding of sorts? How can they be taken seriously by the board and be seen as part of business operations as opposed to purely an investment? With us to... Read more

What can the cyber world learn from the medical industry?

Author: webeditor

Filmed at TEISS2019, CEO of Hook-Security and author, Adam Anderson, discusses what the security world can learn from the medical industry, why cybercrime isn’t about computers and what he considers is the greatest threat to our cyber security.

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