Build your agile cyber-security culture at teissLondon2018

Build your agile cyber-security culture at teissLondon2018

The European Information Security Summit 2018

The European Information Security Summit is back in its 7th year and it’s now bigger than ever - the largest and most comprehensive cyber security summit in Europe.

This year’s 2 day summit in London on the 20 - 21 February and will deliver 100 top notch speakers,  44 hours of education and  14 round table discussions. #teissLondon2018 features three parallel conferences: on culture and education; on data and technology;  and on securing the Internet of Things. You get three conferences in one. And TEISS also features dedicated training sessions for small groups. All this means you have the ability to build a bespoke agenda that suits your exact challenges.

Culture and Education stream

Overworked, careless or simply undereducated staff are a major point of weakness for hackers. We help you build a cultural change programme that works with your staff’s daily operations and gets the Board on your side.

Data and Technology stream

Cyber security technology is changing and as often as not it is the hackers who are changing it. That means it’s essential to understand what technology can do, how it can be used against you and how it can benefit your security. We will investigate deep technology issues such as behavioural analysis, machine learning and quantum computing encryption.

Securing the Internet of Things stream

The explosion in the number of connected devices massively increases the vulnerability of corporate networks. Many IoT devices have very weak security or rely on default configurations that IT staff fail to change. This stream will look at best practices for managing security processes in the Internet of Things, including estate management, encryption and authentication.

TEISS 2018 will be great for learning, exchanging ideas and networking with 500 Cyber Security and Information Technology professionals. Join us to explore the future of cyber security.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Yiannis Pavlosoglou, Director of IT Risk, UBS
  • Emma W, Security Team Lead, NCSC
  • Tom Salmon, Customer Engineer for Google Cloud Platform
  • Vijay Rathour, Partner, Grant Thornton
  • Evie Monnington-Taylor, Senior Advisor, the Cabinet Office’s Behavioural Insights Team
  • David Robinson, Information Risk & Security Manager, Covea Insurance
  • Kieren Niĉolas Lovell, Head of Computer Emergency Response, University of Cambridge


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