Navigating the digital age

Navigating the digital age

old fashioned compass: navigating cyber security needs similar toolsting

At the Shard recently, where Greg Day, VP at Palo Alto Networks, was launching a new guide to cyber security: Navigating the digital age.

Another book on cyber security? Well, yes. But this one has some rather interesting aspects (beyond the fact that it is free!)

The book is a compilation of short opinion pieces about information security and other aspects of digital risk from senior executives across UK business and the public sector – PwC, BT, IBM, NATO and GCHQ among them. The UK focus is very welcome.

Written very much with the generalist in mind (you won’t find any techno-babble here), the book provides practical advice on range of cyber security subjects such as the Board’s duty, legislation (including the requirements of GDPR), protecting senior executives from identity theft and being phished, security metrics and risk pricing, and how to hire the best CISOs and cyber security talent.

It isn’t a particularly easy read: despite being a very manageable 100 pages, the book is packed with facts and analysis and will require considerable concentration to digest effectively. But plenty of bullet points, diagrams, text boxes and lists break the text up, helping with that.

Cyber security is increasingly accepted as an area that top management at organisations need to grapple with. An increasing dependence of data and digital technology, combined with new cyber threats such as dormant ransom-ware, and new regulations such as the GDPR, NIS and the ePrivacy directive, should be making cyber security an increasing priority at Board level. So this book is timely, essential reading for any CEO who wants to ensure they have the knowledge to oversee their organisation’s digital defences.

If you want to download your own copy of this very pragmatic guide to cyber security then you can download it from Palo Alto Network’s website.  It might be better though (especially if you want to get senior colleagues to read it!) to ask for some free paper copies which Palo Alto Networks can make available. Email or write to Greg Day at Palo Alto Networks, 140 Leadenhall Street, London, EC3V 4QT.

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