How to achieve smartphone security in a borderless society

Robert Smith, Product Manager, Security and Networking at Maintel, says that with greater connectivity, comes a greater risk...So what can we do?
With greater connectivity, comes a greater risk. This can be a cause of concern and stress for many of us. In a world that expects us to be connected anywhere and at any time, we often fail to understand that this means we are also at risk – everywhere and at all times.
As our work and personal environments become increasingly blurred, the challenge for organisations today is to achieve the correct balance between security and openness to staff working flexibly – especially when using mobile devices.
A huge variety of ‘things’ are being connected to the Internet – and with data being stored in multiple environments, the risk factor is increasing. Smartphones are becoming one of the biggest risk tools – and businesses need to understand how to minimise this as a potential vulnerability.
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