Assange: supporters vs critics

Assange: supporters vs critics

Agree or disagree with his actions…Assange has certainly gained his fair share of critics and supporters…here are a few contrasting statements about the man. 

“The onetime apparent champion of free speech WikiLeaks has sent out a list of 140 statements reporters are not to write about found Julian Assange, including that he bleaches his hair, that he has poor personal hygiene, has ever served as an agent of “any intelligence service,” that he has ties to the Russian government, and is a hacker.”

Reuters, January, 2019

“He expended all his ire on the journalists who had tried to work with him and who had basic sympathy for his political position…Julian scorns all attempts at social graces. He marches through doors and leave women in his wake. He talks over everybody. And all his life he has depended on being the impish one, the eccentric one, the boy with a bag full of Einstein who enjoyed climbing trees. But as a forty-year old, that’s less charming… His pride could engulf the room in flames.”

British journalist Andrew O’Hagan, former ghost writer for Assange

“Not only have the WikiLeaks revelations put secret services on the defensive and set in motion legislative acts to better control them. WikiLeaks has achieved much more: millions of ordinary people have become aware of the society in which they live. Something that until now we silently tolerated as unproblematic is rendered problematic.

“This is why Assange has been accused of causing so much harm. Yet there is no violence in what WikiLeaks is doing. We all know the classic scene from cartoons: the character reaches a precipice but goes on running, ignoring the fact that there is no ground underfoot; they start to fall only when they look down and notice the abyss. What WikiLeaks is doing is just reminding those in power to look down.”

Slavoj Žižek, Slovenian philosopher



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