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About the TEISS website

About the TEISS website


TEISS.co.uk is a website dedicated to providing information about cyber security. It is owned by an independent media owner, Lyonsdown, and published in conjunction with Business Reporter magazine.

The TEISS website was created as a result of the success of the annual TEISS cyber security conference that takes place in central London. Cyber security isn’t just something to think about once a year and so we thought that a website covering news, opinion, analysis and advice would be welcomed.

We hope that people who come to the TEISS conference will enjoy the TEISS website and contribute to it. We are always happy to consider guest blog posts about cyber security, relevant news about your company and case studies about cyber breaches, cyber resilience and effective cyber security strategies. Please contact us with brief details about what you would like to contribute and we will consider it.

But of course the site is aimed at a wider audience than that: anyone with an interest in cyber security – and that should really be anyone who works in an organisation!

We define cyber security as the securing of computer systems, and the information on computer systems, from external and internal threats, whether deliberate or accidental. In other words, cyber security (and the TEISS website) is not just about criminal hackers. It is just as much about careless, badly trained or over-worked employees!

But TEISS isn’t just about cyber threats. We are trying to offer real and pragmatic solutions to the problems of cyber security.

Of course investment in defensive technology plays a part here. But so does the creation of processes that are not wide-open to cyber attacks – for instance the creation of “four eyes” processes when paying invoices over a certain amount.

And crucially the development of a cyber-secure workforce, through:

  • the development of user-focussed cyber security protocols,
  • the creation of usable cyber security policies,
  • the delivery of appropriate training,
  • the promotion of security awareness through ambient, work-flow and point-of-risk campaigns, and
  • the development of a cyber-secure organisational culture where employees are motivated to behave safely.

As well as providing information about cyber security, the TEISS website will tell you a little about our services including cyber security consulting and training.

TEISS won bronze at the Conference Awards 2017 for the best event linked to a publication.

The main focus areas of the TEISS website change over time but currently include:

Breach detection |Breach limitation | Breach response | Breach recovery | Business continuity | Business resilience | Cyber security | Cyber risk | Cyber breach | Cyber crime | Data security | Data breach | Data Loss Protection | Extended enterprise | GDPR | Incident Response | Identity management | Information security | Insider threat | Internal risk management | Internet of Things | Online reputation management |Risk appetite | Security culture | Shadow IT | Third party risk management | Threat landscape | Threat intelligence | Regulation | Governance

The Teiss website will be relevant to anyone working in cyber security but also managers and employees across organisations including:

Chief Information Officer (CIO) | Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) | Chief Technology Officer (CTO) | Head of IT | Chief Risk Officer (CRO) | IT Director | Risk Director | Head of Privacy | Head of Governance | Head of Cyber Security | Head of Information Security | Head of Data | Head of Architecture | HR Director | Board Director | Non-executive Director | Finance Director | Managing Director | Chief Operating Officer | Chief Executive

TEISS.co.uk editorial team

TEISS is brought to you by a small team of cyber security experts including Anna Delaney (Editor of TEISS.co.uk) and Jeremy Swinfen Green (Head of cyber security consulting).

Jeremy Swinfen Green

Jeremy has spent over 20 years advising companies about digital business and digital transformation. He is the author of Cyber Security: an introduction for non-technical managers and (with Paul Dorey) The Weakest Link. He has served on a number of BSI committees including that of BS 10010 on data classification and for a number of years served on the Operations Board of TechUK.

Jeremy is a Fellow of the Institute of Consulting and a Member of the Association of Internal Control Practitioners. He has an MBA from Cass Business School and a first degree in Natural Science from the University of Oxford.

You can contact Jeremy on jeremy@www.teiss.co.uk

If you have any comments about the TEISS website please contact us.

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