A third of global workers admit to using corporate Zoom accounts for online socialising during Covid-19 lockdown

A further 30% of global workers have also had an online account compromised since starting remote working, with 10% failing to update their passwords afterwards

OneLogin, a global leader in identity and access management, released added findings from a survey of 5,000 remote workers showing just how freely employees use corporate devices for non-work related activity, regardless of cyber security hazards.

The study found that 33%of workers have admitted to using a corporate Zoom account for online socialising with friends or family since they started working remotely. 30% of those surveyed admitted to having an online account compromised during that time, with 10% of these failing to change their password afterwards.

“Working from home has invited unprecedented challenges to cyber security,” said Brad Brooks, CEO and president of OneLogin. “As the lines between personal and corporate worlds continue to blur, it’s critical that organisations adopt technology and policies that make it as simple as possible for employees to keep systems secure. Our OneLogin Trusted Experience Platform provides security and reliability to companies so leaders can focus on what matters the most – keeping their employees and customers safe.”

Even though corporations own and are responsible for the devices that employees are using to expose them to potential security breaches, half of organisations (50%) globally have not established cyber security guidelines regarding remote work. A closer look at how individual countries practice security highlights the differences in the misuse of corporate channels and willingness to access high-risk websites. The study found the following:

  • US and Republic of Ireland workers were far more likely to use corporate Zoom accounts for online socialising, with 45% and 44% respectively in comparison to the UK’s 22%.
  • Workers from the US and the Republic of Ireland were also by far the most likely to use the device they use for work to access streaming services, with 50% and 47% admitting to having done so, compared to the UK’s 32%
  • Over 60% of US workers have admitted to having an online account compromised since starting to work remotely - 30% higher than the global average, and 38% higher than the UK reported.
  • 10% of workers globally reported accessing adult entertainment sites from the device they use for work.

About the survey

The study of 5,000 remote employees from the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland reveals that security measures and password best practices have not taken priority in many regions.

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