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Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment – trends for 2019 in cyber-dependent crime

Steven Wilson, Europol

Information Security Setup in a decentral global organisation: The roles, tools, and partner ecosystem

Tom Linckens, Bertelsmann

Cyber Security & French Enterprises: What does the latest survey of CISOs reveal about attacks, risks and resilience?

Alain Bouillé, CESIN

How to build trust, starting with identity

Mark Ryan, Zscaler

The eight “critical norms” towards cyber stability – working together to combat intellectual property violations via the Internet, and improving everyone’s Cyber Hygiene

Uri Rosenthal, Global Commission on Stability of Cyberspace

Risky business? How technology can reduce risk to empower people to share data effectively

Axel van Drongelen, Egress

The updated ePrivacy regulation: What to expect and how to prepare

David Dumont, Hunton Andrews Kurth

Understanding & managing risk across your digital infrastructure

Ali Neil, Verizon

The Quantum Threat and a three-phase plan to prepare your business today

Jaya Baloo, Hunton KPN

The Magecart threat and how you can mitigate the risk to your organisation

Benjamin Sims, Tech City Labs

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