The award-winning European Information

Security Summit is coming back to Amsterdam

Tuesday 19th May 2020, Amsterdam

The award-winning European Information Security Summit is coming back to Amsterdam in 2020, promising the most comprehensive cyber security summit in mainland Europe.

teissAmsterdam2020 KEY SPEAKERS INCLUDE

Martijn Nykerk

CISO, Randstad Digital Factory

Martijn has worked in various IT management roles, ranging from operations, to project management to corporate functions. He has worked in multiple countries, providing guidance and control, implementing global systems, as well as setting global IT policies. His focus is always on providing business value through IT, rather than on IT itself.  He’s pragmatic, analytical,…

Jake Davis

AKA "Topiary", Security researcher & ethical hacker

Jake, known online as “Topiary” has worked with Anonymous, LulzSec, and similar hacktivist groups. He was an associate of the Internet group Anonymous which has publicly claimed various online attacks, including hacking HBGary, Westboro Baptist Church, and Gawker. They also claimed responsibility for the defacing of government websites in countries such as Zimbabwe, Syria, Tunisia,…

Greg van der Gaast

Head of Information Security, The University of Salford

A speaker and frequent contributor to industry podcasts, Greg is an expert in proactive Information Security Management. He has a 2-decade-long track record of rapidly identifying and rectifying issues that have gone unnoticed for years through a holistic yet highly detail-oriented approach and building Information Security programmes and organisations with the visibility to catch these…

Marco Gercke

Founder & Director, Cybercrime Research Institute

Prof. Dr. Marco Gercke is an entrepreneur, scientist and consultant. His first focus area is Cybersecurity. With more than 700 speeches in over 100 countries and over 100 scientific publications, Prof. Gercke is one of the world’s leading experts in the field of cybersecurity and cybercrime. He is the founder and director of the Cybercrime…

What some of our speakers discussed at teissAmsterdam2019

How to Europol tackling cyber crime?

Steve Wilson, Head of European Crime Centre, Europol

Why we all need to hug a hacker?

Edwin van Andel, Hacker & CEO, Zerocopter

Tech leaders need to culture-hack

Tom Linckens, Former Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Bertelsmann

“Some of the best security management I’ve worked for have been women”

Kevin McPeake, Cybersecurity Culture and Ethics Specialist, Peak Security

“One of the best events in Europe”

Nuno Oliveira, INTEGRITY S.A.- Consulting & Advisory

teissLondon is one of the most comprehensive cyber security summits in Europe.  And, it is coming back to Amsterdam.

teissAmsterdam2020 will feature parallel Streams, focusing on Culture & Education and Threats & Risks – giving you two conferences in one.  In addition, teissAmsterdam2020 will feature dedicated workshop sessions and in-depth Roundtable discussions.  Join over 200 Cyber Security and Information Technology professionals to stay up-to-date on the latest threats and best-practice in leading organisational change.


Culture & Education Stream
      • Better cyber security is rarely about computer science, but more about behavioural science and the cyber security culture in your organisation.  This Stream will feature a panel session focusing on measuring the impact of your security training programmes.  Other sessions include case studies on delivering cyber security at pace; the barriers to better organisational cyber hygiene and how to overcome them; and leading organisational security change.
      • Perfect for: CIOs, Chief Risk Officers, CISOs, Heads of Business Resilience, Heads of Business Intelligence, Heads of Business Continuity
Why come to teissAmsterdam2020?

Threats & Risk Stream
      • The nature of threats and attack vectors that can be utilised by cyber criminals are wide and growing.  This Stream focuses on the human, rather than technical, responses that organisations should be taking.  Sessions at include a high-level panel looking at the current and predicted trends in cyber threats; implementing privacy-by-design, and strategies to manage the increased risk of replicating your existing security practices in the Cloud.
      • Perfect for: Chief Security Officers, CISOs, CTOs, Heads of IT, Heads of Security, Heads of Compliance, Heads of Privacy, Heads of Governance, Chief Technical Architects

Tickets for teissAmsterdam2020 are currently available at €345 + VAT

Register now or for more information call Harry on +44 (0)20 8349 5580.

We look forward to seeing you in May!

*winners of the Bronze award for Best Event linked in a Publication at the Conference Awards 2017

What some of our speakers discussed at teissAmsterdam2019

“People need to understand the value of reporting”

Steve Wilson, Head of European Crime Centre, Europol

What is Edwin Van Andel’s most memorable hack?

Edwin van Andel, Hacker & CEO, Zerocopter

“How can we make a hacker’s job more difficult?”

Kevin McPeake, Cybersecurity Culture and Ethics Specialist, Peak Security

How stable is cyber space right now?

Uri Rosenthal, Commissioner, Global Commissioner on the Stability of Cyberspace

TESTIMONIALS FROM teissAmsterdam2019
  • A whole day in touch and informed with fellowship CISO and international leading speakers

    CISO, RIBW Nijmegen en Rivierenland
  • More than worth the effort, again up to date and inspired how things can be improved

    CIO, Hospital Rivierenland
  • Excellent event, close to perfect. Great size, excellent breakout sessions. I had the impression that the group created a kind of community throughout the day

    European Consulting Director, Information Security Forum
  • Good event for CISO’s to attend and meet with peers from the industry

    Head IT Maintenance, KAS BANK NV
  • Very good and directed at the professional audience providing the right depth on the topics

    Information Security Officer,



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