Over 9.32 bn malware attacks launched by hackers in 2017

Cyber criminals across the globe launched as many as 9.32 billion malware attacks last year, taking advantage of over 12,500 exposures and vulnerabilities in software and systems, network security firm SonicWall has revealed.

While malware attacks rose by nearly 20 percent last year, the total number of ransomware attacks fell from an alarming 638 million in 2016 to 184 million last year.

In its latest Cyber Threat Report for 2018, network security firm SonicWall has laid bare the true nature of cyber threats faced by enterprises, nations and individuals alike. The regularity in which cyber criminals are now launching malware, ransomware, spyware and service denial attacks all over the world has made it obligatory for firms, nations and citizens to arm themselves with the latest cyber security tools and technologies to ensure their security and privacy of their data.