70 per cent of firms struggle to secure data outside the office

70 per cent of firms struggle to secure data outside the office

Nearly seven in ten businesses cannot be certain their data is secure when their employees work remotely, according to a new report.

Research by Apricorn found that 68 per cent of firms cannot guarantee that data accessed remotely or on mobile devices is adequately protected.

The report also showed that 29 per cent of organisations have suffered either data loss or a breach due to employees working outside of the office.

As many as 44 per cent said they expect that remote workers will expose their organisations to the risk of a data breach as firms grow increasingly mobile.

70 per cent of the IT decision makers surveyed agreed that the security of corporate data is an ongoing battle, and 48 per cent said employees are one of the biggest risks.

The report said that companies are unsure of how to enforce adequate security policies for mobile working, and many are without viable strategies.

One in ten firms with more than 3,000 employees do not have security strategies that cover remote working and bring your own device. Meanwhile, 23 per cent of those surveyed said they have no way of enforcing the strategies they do have in place.

53 per cent of businesses said that managing all the technology employees use for remote work is too complex, while 35 per cent said that the technology that would enable secure mobile working is too expensive to implement.

Only a third of the organisations surveyed enforce hardware and software encryption, while 12 per cent have no encryption rules regarding data outside the office.

These lax policies could land businesses in hot water if they are breached following the introduction of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

“The repercussions associated with a data breach are huge, both in terms of financial and reputational damage,” said Jon Fielding, Apricorn’s EMEA managing director. “Regulations are put in place to protect the data, its owner and the company responsible for it.”

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