1 in 6 gamers disable all AV in the pursuit of the highest possible speeds

To achieve the best gaming performance possible, 16% of users disable all Anti-Virus-security that is already built into Windows, a study carried out by Chillblast reveals. This leaves 16% unprotected and vulnerable for dangerous hacking attacks.

In fact, out of the 857 gamers that were tested only 26% actually pay for an AV-product. ChillBlast also tested the performance of computers running different security products. All of them were, however, topped by BullGuard Internet Security as it detects users’ gaming sessions as well as optimizing CPU performance. This means that users don’t have to relinquish protection for the sake of an ultimate gaming experience.

For 2019 Bullguard is launching a new security and protection offer that promises various and specific functionalities to spot vulnerabilities, improve performance and much more.

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